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2004 Accomplishments

  1. Developed website for Coalition
  2. Submitted grant proposal to allow expanded statewide showing of suicide prevention commercial
  3. Submitted grant proposal to provide for operational funding and consultation for Coalition
  4. Facilitated 5 community presentations on suicide and the elderly
  5. Facilitated community presentations on suicide prevention on Gila River Indian reservation
  6. Submitted grant proposal to fund Teen Screen at a boarding school on White Mountain Apache reservation
  7. Assisted in development of directory of suicide prevention resources in Arizona

2003 Accomplishments

  1. Media campaign: Developed 30 sec. television commercial shown 244 times in 1 month (on 4 channels) (reaching over 1 million households) Added link to Ch 3 television website (tied to tv commercial) which received 700,000 hits/month Manned booth at AZ Women’s Expo (April 2003) attended by 60,000 people
  2. Planned conference on suicide and the elderly (June 2003)
  3. Display and info table at AZ State Capitol Building for Suicide Prevention Week (May 2003)
  4. Assisted with Candlelight Vigil at State Capitol for survivors and for suicide awareness (May 2003)

2002 Accomplishments

  1. Collaborated with AZ State Hospital Ass’n re: template policy for management of suicide attempts to be sent to every AZ hospital (Nov 2002)
  2. Developed media packets and mailed out to 300 AZ media contacts (Aug 2002)
  3. Manned information booth at state capitol for Suicide Awareness Week (May 2002)
  4. Participated in Candlelight Vigil for suicide victims in AZ (May 2002)
  5. Began discussion re: consistent coding on death certificates with AZ medical examiners.
  6. Pursued grants for continuation and support of the coalition and support of media campaign.
  7. Participated in White Mtn Apache Suicide Prevention Conference

2001 Accomplishments

  1. Hired a Coordinator (8 hrs/wk)
  2. Developed Action Plan
  3. Mailed posters of high risk factors to ALL Emergency Depts in Arizona
  4. Expanded membership & added phone conference calls
  5. Collaborated with state legislator re: state plan
  6. Assisted AZ Dept of Behav Health in developing state suicide prevention plan (submitted to legislature in November 2001)
  7. Supported two local conferences on American Indian suicide (Fall 2001)
  8. Co-sponsored and participated in conference on prevention of adolescent suicide (September 2001)